Episode 22: Pool Turnover & Why It’s Important

In this episode we explain what pool turnover is, why it’s important and some ways we can achieve the correct turnover rate. There are lots of things that can go wrong if the right turnover is not achieved. There...

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Episode 21: Interview With Rob Estell & The Pool Pros Pool Route Brokers

In this episode I speak with Rob Estell, owner of The Pool Pros. They are a pool route brokerage that will help buyers and sellers alike achieve their goals in the pool business! Check them out at: www.thepoolpros.com and...

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Episode 20: Interview with Rob Estell, Founder of 1ExamPrep Contractor School

In this episode I speak with Rob Estell to discuss his contractor school and how he can help you pass the state exams so you can be a licensed pool contractor! We also talk about some test taking tips...

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Episode 19: Interview With Cameron Craig, Founder of AquaSuite Service Software

In this episode we discuss the AquaSuite Software that Cameron Craig developed to make your life easier as a pool service business operator. It handles everything from service history to billing. There’s not may programs out there that offer...

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