Pool Equipment

Episode 17: Interview with Christine Schaeffer, Vice President of Unicel Filters

In this episode I discuss with the Vice President of Unicel filters some qualities of their elements that make them one of the best OEM replacements. They have some proprietary filter processes that make their replacements stand out against the others.

Unicel Filters are American made and have been since their inception. If you have any questions or wish to be put into contact me please reach out to me here! You can also check them out on their instagram @unicelfilters

Episode 4: Interview with Fred Horowitz from Pentair Aquatics About Energy Efficiency

In this podcast I interview Fred Horowitz of Pentair Aquatics to discuss energy efficiency so you can save money by running more efficient equipment! It really makes a huge difference on your bottom line when you choose to install energy efficient equipment.

If you would like to contact Pentair to discuss this, or myself, please contact me here.

Episode 2: Interview with Joel of JD Pool Clean to discuss pool equipment sizing and why it’s important!

In this episode Chlorine King Pool Service interviews Joel of JD Pool Clean in Port St. Lucie, FL. to discuss why it’s so important to make sure the size of the equipment you install for your pool is correct. It can make the difference between a pool operating correctly or not.

If you’d like to discuss more about this topic please contact us here!