Pool Tech

Episode 19: Interview With Cameron Craig, Founder of AquaSuite Service Software

In this episode we discuss the AquaSuite Software that Cameron Craig developed to make your life easier as a pool service business operator. It handles everything from service history to billing. There’s not may programs out there that offer a complete program to handle both sides of the equation, but AquaSuite does!

Don’t go another minute without it. Please use my discount code CLKING to give you a nice discount when using his software. Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions!

Episode 13: Interview with Michael Richard of Maytronics US/Dolphin Vacuum Systems

In this episode I interview Michael Richard, a regional manager of Maytronics US to discuss their Maytronics Dolphin robotic pool vacuum systems. Robotic systems have come a long way throughout the years and we talk with Maytronics and how they’ve improved through time.

Robotic cleaner systems are a nice alternative because it doesn’t need your filtration system in order to work. It keeps all of the debris it collects self contained and can be discarded once it’s done cleaning. If you want their contact information please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Episode 10: Interview with Tal Millican of Multi-Tork Tools

In this episode we discuss with Tal his line of MultiTork tools to help you as a service professional. If you have ever cracked open a DE filter you’ll know what I mean. They take so long to open up before this tool was developed. Now all you have to do is attach the tools to a power drill and you’re off and running.

If you need any help reaching them please reach out to me here!

Episode 6: Interview with Matt Lopez of RipTide Pool Vacuum Systems

In this podcast I speak with Matt Lopez from RipTide Pool Vacuum Systems to discuss their product lines and how you can benefit from choosing their vacuum system! Having a portable vacuum system is one of the best things you can do if you service pools. It will quicken up your day and lugs all the chems and tools for you!

If you need their information please contact me here!