Episode 7: Preparing Your Pool For A Hurricane or Major Storm!

In this episode we discuss the do’s and dont’s for how to prepare your swimming pool for a major storm cleanup after something like a hurricane! There’s a lot of bad information out there about what you should do so I hope this episode helps you in preparing and getting the your pool back to shape through a storm cleanup.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Episode 5: Interview with Andrea Nannini About Women in the Industry

In this podcast I interview my friend Andrea Nannini to get her viewpoint on women in the pool industry! She provides some great insight and motivation for more women to get involved! If you’re a woman and wanting to get into pools but you’re hesitant you must listen to his episode.

If you’d like to contact Andrea please contact me here.

Episode 1: Introduction to The Chlorine King Pool Service Show Podcast

In this podcast we do a small introduction of Chlorine King Pool Service and it’s owner, Erik Taylor. It discusses how Chlorine King was born and provides a small outline for what will be discussed in future podcasts.