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Episode 12: Chemical Series – Calcium Hardness

In this episode, we explain a little bit about calcium hardness and what it can do to your pool if it’s out of range. It’s one of those chemicals that don’t change that much but if it’s out of range can cause serious problems to your pool. The recommended range is 200-400ppm. If you have...

Episode 11: Chemical Series – Alkalinity

In this episode we talk about alkalinity and how to get it in range, what it does to your pool and the correct applications to adjust it. Alkalinity helps stabilizer the pH so in order to get that in range you need to get alkalinity in range. We call it the pH buffer. If you...

Episode 10: Interview with Tal Millican of Multi-Tork Tools

In this episode we discuss with Tal his line of MultiTork tools to help you as a service professional. If you have ever cracked open a DE filter you’ll know what I mean. They take so long to open up before this tool was developed. Now all you have to do is attach the tools...

Episode 9: Chemical Series – PH

In this episode we talk about pool PH and how it can affect how comfortable you are in the pool! PH has everything to do with swimmer comfort but also protects the pool as long as it’s in range. If you have any questions about the pool PH please don’t hesitate to reach out to...

Episode 8: Chemical Series – Chlorine

In this episode we discuss what is chlorine, what does it do and also various forms of it. Chlorine keeps your pool sanitized and healthy so swimmers can enjoy the pool. It’s a must listen. If you need any help with chlorine please reach out to me here!

Episode 7: Preparing Your Pool For A Hurricane or Major Storm!

In this episode we discuss the do’s and dont’s for how to prepare your swimming pool for a major storm cleanup after something like a hurricane! There’s a lot of bad information out there about what you should do so I hope this episode helps you in preparing and getting the your pool back to...

Episode 6: Interview with Matt Lopez of RipTide Pool Vacuum Systems

In this podcast I speak with Matt Lopez from RipTide Pool Vacuum Systems to discuss their product lines and how you can benefit from choosing their vacuum system! Having a portable vacuum system is one of the best things you can do if you service pools. It will quicken up your day and lugs all...

Episode 5: Interview with Andrea Nannini About Women in the Industry

In this podcast I interview my friend Andrea Nannini to get her viewpoint on women in the pool industry! She provides some great insight and motivation for more women to get involved! If you’re a woman and wanting to get into pools but you’re hesitant you must listen to his episode. If you’d like to...

Episode 4: Interview with Fred Horowitz from Pentair Aquatics About Energy Efficiency

In this podcast I interview Fred Horowitz of Pentair Aquatics to discuss energy efficiency so you can save money by running more efficient equipment! It really makes a huge difference on your bottom line when you choose to install energy efficient equipment. If you would like to contact Pentair to discuss this, or myself, please...

Episode 3: All About Phosphates

In this podcast I discuss what phosphates are and what they can do to your pool water! It’s important to keep the pool in check in regards to phosphates because they are algae food. They are resistant to chlorine so you have to treat it if it’s high. If you’d like to talk more about...

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