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Riptide Pool Vacuum System

They offer 2 models of the Riptide SL and the Riptide XP. All utilize the same industry leading 24" vacuum head. The Riptide SL is their most popular vacuum. It is small, light, ultra portable and is a breeze to pull the cart through grass, gravel, dirt and sand. The SL includes a hitch mount to transport on the back of your truck or trailer. The Riptide XP is an ultra portable pool vacuum. Their is no cart, simply grab the head, battery box, vacuum head and carry to the pool. This is perfect for routes with hard to access pools, however this same battery box can also be used with the Riptide SL allowing you to leave the cart on the truck if you only have a few of these pools on your route. We interviewed Matt, one of the owners of Riptide, in episode 6 of our podcast.

Check out their site at: Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems

You can listen to our episode here!

AquaSuite Pool Service Software

Listeners — Would you like to get your pool business more organized, keep your routes tighter, and save TONS of time doing your billing every month? If you want to supercharge your pool business then check out my friends AquaSuite Pool Service Software. BE SURE to mention that you found them through the Chlorine King Podcast and you'll get a FREE 30 day trial of their software. We believe having their app in your hands will make your company easier to run and much more profitable. We also interviewed the founder of AquaSuite, Cameron Craig, in Episode 19 of our podcast. Be sure to check that out and get a crash course on all of the stuff your company is missing!

Check out their site at: AquaSuite Pool Service Software

You can listen to our episode here!

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