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Episode 22: Pool Turnover & Why It’s Important

In this episode we explain what pool turnover is, why it’s important and some ways we can achieve the correct turnover rate. There are lots of things that can go wrong if the right turnover is not achieved. There are special pieces of equipment that will help to make sure you’re doing exactly what you need to do to accomplish the right pool turnover rate.

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Episode 21: Interview With Rob Estell & The Pool Pros Pool Route Brokers

In this episode I speak with Rob Estell, owner of The Pool Pros. They are a pool route brokerage that will help buyers and sellers alike achieve their goals in the pool business! Check them out at: www.thepoolpros.com and our site at: chlorinekingpools.com

Episode 11: Chemical Series – Alkalinity

In this episode we talk about alkalinity and how to get it in range, what it does to your pool and the correct applications to adjust it. Alkalinity helps stabilizer the pH so in order to get that in range you need to get alkalinity in range. We call it the pH buffer.

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